The LIASE Group hosted a high level dinner gathering owners and CEOs from some of the world’s most prominent automotive companies against the backdrop of the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany, in October. The event was organized in cooperation with Automobilwoche, Germany’s top automotive sector publication.

Wolfsburg has long been at the heart of Germany’s impressive automotive tradition, it is with this in mind that LIASE founding partners – Mr. Wolfgang Doell (President), Vanessa Moriel (Board Member: Asia) and John Bukowicz (President: Americas) – gathered together with top executives from tier one suppliers to discuss current trends and future opportunities in the automotive sector on a regional and global level. LIASE Group members were particularly keen to examine the current talent shortage in tier one suppliers and OEMs, as well as future strategies for growth within this context.

“To organize an event of such importance demonstrates the LIASE Group’s commitment to the global automotive marketplace and the importance of German tier ones to our organization,” commented Mr.Doell following the dinner. “Current expansion in the Asian and Chinese markets represents a huge opportunity for companies within the industry and we aim to provide our expertise to assist our partners in achieving success there.”

The Automobilewoche dinner, co-hosted by the LIASE Group, was highlighted by a speech from Anders-Sundt Jensen, Head of Marketing Communications at Volkswagen, who addressed the gathering. Overall, the dinner was a great opportunity for the LIASE Group to present its vision for Talent Management services, including succession planning, talent identification, high potential assessment, and executive searches.

“The LIASE Group does not simply provide leaders; we provide great leaders. These leaders are perfectly matched to the organization in which they are placed, adding value by giving an insight on both a local and global level,” said Mr Doell after the event.

LIASE Group executives also gathered with 1600 guests to attend the opening of the IZB in the Autostadt Group Forum where they heard speeches by Stephan Wolf, the Deputy Chairman of the General and Group Works Councils of Volkswagen AG; Dr Werner Neubauer, Member of the Board of Management for the Volkswagen Brand and General Representative for ‘Group Components’; and Julius von Ingelheim, the Spokesman of the Board of Wolfsburg AG.

This year’s IZB International Supplier Fair was preceded by the International Automotive Congress – ASEAN. At the event, high-ranking speakers and representatives from different automotive companies operating in the ASEAN states provided analyses and experience reports that helped the 200 participants to improve their understanding of the special features of the Southeast Asian automotive market.  Vanessa Moriel, LIASE Group Board Member Asia, attended the Congress.

The IZB trade fair had approximately 800 exhibitors, including eight of the world’s ten largest automotive supplier companies. The LIASE Group took advantage of this opportunity to establish contacts and showcase its services and core competencies. This year’s exhibition had approximately 51,000 visitors.

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