Kim SahotaHead of Corporate Communications

Kim is the Head of Corporate Communication for Reform & Whaley Consult. Her remit of work for Reform & Whaley includes business development, performance development, sales, marketing, events and PR. Kim Has over 16 years of experience within these sectors of work across multiple disciplines and verticals. In addition to this she has been recruited on various occasions to consult and performance develop failing teams, resulting in 8000% increase in revenue in a single year on her most successful consultancy project. She has extensive knowledge within strategizing using the Mindset ethos and has put this into practice through her years of experience with great success.

Kim specializes in developing business within performance development in both the creative sense and offer in bespoke solutions but also in creating and executing the REFORMing Mindsets concept throughout the Middle East as she has done in the United Kingdom market. She is also responsible for Reform & Whaley’s core PR, events and marketing of the business, again having done extensive work in this area over the last 10 years.

In addition to her various talents she has also done work within the recruitment and education sector, thus fitting in well with what other parts of Reform & Whaley offer. So her wide remit of experience, knowledge and ideas are welcomed across the business. Kim has a passion for performance development, particularly the concept of Mindset which she promises will not only drive your teams to be happier and more effective but also increase performance and revenue over an assessed period of time.

Kim is at her best when she is engaging and forming new relationships, her client centric attitude is what really drives her.